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What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Plastic surgery has been the choice of many women and men to improve the appearance of their bodies, do some touch-ups and eliminate a few extra pounds, but one of the areas that is most sought to improve the buttock at all costs, since it can mean For many, one of the most sensual areas that attract the opposite sex.

If after insisting with exercise, good nutrition and non-invasive treatments, you cannot obtain the expected result, perhaps resorting to the Brazilian butt lift is an excellent option.

This procedure is about extracting fat from other areas of the body that you want to polish or improve and transplanting it to the buttocks, thus achieving more volume and shape in this area.

It is undoubtedly a surgery that involves many risks, since this procedure must be expensive from professional experts, since if performed incorrectly it could lead to serious problems such as a fat embolism, blocking blood vessels, lungs or the brain, whatever of the cases mentioned above are fatal.

But the idea is not to sow terror, like any surgery, this one also has its risks. The important thing is to be in the hands of professionals, have a good recovery process and finally, show off those glutes that will steal all eyes.

One of the great advantages of this surgery is that the gluteus can feel very natural to the touch, since its volume is achieved by means of your own fat and not implants that are less aesthetic.


Your recovery from this surgery is also very fast, approximately between 15 and 30 days, which allows you to return to daily life very soon. Remember that using a 4BellĂș girdle is part of an excellent recovery, accompany it with lymphatic drainage massages.

You must bear in mind that the first days you will not be able to sit down, you must use a float to not exert pressure in this area, also sleep on your side or face down, these are small sacrifices that will be worth it.

Always look for specialists on the subject, who have a reference to the procedure that you have performed.

We will advise you on the girdle that you should use, so that you achieve those results that you long for.

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