Shape your body while losing weight 

What foods to avoid

Undoubtedly we must give all the importance to what we ingest daily, that does not mean that we should be concerned all the time about the subject, but it is important to clearly identify what contributes to our health and what not, since bad eating habits that we have, predispose our body to suffer from diseases or overweight.

It is important to note that most of our eating habits are learned, since childhood our parents or caregivers establish feeding guidelines, which we generally repeat for long years. Many times without knowing it, we consume foods that are harmful to health; other times, these consumed foods contain a greater amount of energy than that consumed, this disproportion is directly harmful to health.

We are going to mention some of the most common foods that you should stop consuming or at least decrease the amounts and frequency, in this way, seek a balance in the body.

You must bear in mind that all metabolisms are different, also the rhythm of life determines the intake of food, but in general, if you want to avoid circulatory diseases, these foods should disappear from your regular diet.

Avoid these foods in your diet

1- French fries:

First of all, we have the French fries, these represent high caloric content, sodium and fats considered the most harmful to health. Eating fried food can significantly increase heart disease, in addition to not providing nutrients.

2- Pizza:

One of the favorite foods to share with friends, family and coworkers, unfortunately it has many calories and the ingredients do not provide many nutrients.

3- Refreshments or sugary drinks:

The sugar that this type of drinks contains is high and if you consume them regularly, you are adding to your body an excess of calories that will later bring you health problems and overweight. In addition, it has the disadvantage of being very addictive, it is recommended to replace them with water.

4- Ice creams:

one of the favorite desserts of almost all, invites us to eat more always, even to repeat extra portions. Its high content of sugar and calories make it part of the foods that we should not consume and although it offers protein, its quantity is really minimal.

5- Alcoholic beverages:

Without a doubt, alcoholic beverages contain high caloric content, offer neither protein nor vitamins, on the contrary, when consumed regularly and in high quantities, can generate serious health problems, without leaving aside the discomfort they generate the next day.

Consuming this type of food encourages us to continue eating, without feeling any satisfaction, so it is advisable to eliminate them from your diet.

Finally, when you supplement a healthy diet with exercise, you find the right balance.

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