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What does a faja do after liposuction

A liposuction is an intervention to the body for aesthetic purposes, in this surgery the fat accumulated in the subcutaneous tissue is extracted, in the desired areas of the body, achieving surprising results in the silhouette.

To achieve these expected results, you must be clear that it is a quick process, but not immediate, there is a recovery stage where you must follow all the instructions of your doctor.

One of the most important recommendations is the use of the girdle for a few weeks, exerting pressure in this post-surgical stage, is essential, in this way inflammation, bruising and the appearance of bruises is reduced and the molding process is expedited, as well as avoiding complications in the recuperation.

Healing is another important factor to take into account, the small incisions where the fat is extracted, must be especially careful, also the flaccidity that can be generated after removing that annoying fat from your body, should be avoided with use of the appropriate girdle.

Initially, you should use the girdle 24 hours a day, you only have to take it off to shower, as the weeks go by and with the recommendations of your doctor, this period of use will decrease.

Can I use the girdle that I have at home?

It is one of the most frequent questions that doctors ask, perhaps with the aim of not spending more money or perhaps you consider that the girdle you have at home is perfect and you may be right, but it turns out that your surgery deserves special Attention, the girdle that you are going to use must have all the characteristics that provide comfort and especially that its elasticity is in perfect condition.

Over time, the girdles lose their elasticity and that is something logical, any type of garment goes through the same process, it is for this reason that you must use a new girdle and with the necessary specifications for your excellent recovery, such as comfort, clasps adjustable, perineal opening, hypoallergenic material among others.

The girdle will keep the compresses and bandages in place for the first few days, protecting the most vulnerable areas from any infection and promoting healing.

It is for these reasons that sports girdles should not be used, or only for the waist, because they do not exert the necessary compression, nor do they fully cover the intervened areas, it is advisable to adhere to the suggestions of experts. Our Low Back Capri Shaper with Bum Lifter girdle (0515) is one of the most sold for this purpose, it offers all the necessary characteristics to obtain those expected results, it is quite comfortable, allowing the mobility of your body during those days of recovery.

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