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Types of girdles

The girdles/fajas are fabulous, they allow us to show off incredible figures in just moments. To be honest, in most cases, we all have love handles, tummies or some areas of the body that we want to improve, that we have not been able to achieve either with exercise or with a healthy diet. In these cases, the girdles are that essential garment in our closets.

Define what the goal is

It is important to define the area of ​​the body that we want to improve, since the most appropriate reference to achieve the objective with this garment depends on that.

Waist Trainer

The main benefit is to strengthen the abdominal area and reduce your waist a few inches, it can also be worn after childbirth since this helps to organize the internal organs and to reduce back problems that arise during this period.

It also helps any back problems as it offers support to your back, it can be worn anywhere including to the gym to help achieve your fitness goals.

Post-Partum Girdles

Wearing a postpartum girdle is an excellent decision, as these girdles are specially designed to provide the necessary compression to new mothers, helping the uterus to contract correctly and strengthen the lumbar region. Remember that the appropriate time to start using your girdle depends on the type of delivery (natural or caesarean) and on the recommendations of your doctor. In addition, these girdles allow you to breastfeed your baby without any difficulty, while your body recovers day after day.

Post-Surgery Girdles

Wearing these girdles will guarantee the best experience after your surgery. You will be comfortable while looking and feeling amazing. Open crotch area, removable straps, hook and eye enclosure are only a few of the features our body shapers have to give you the best experience when wearing them.

Plus Size Girdles

Wearing our shapers will help reduce inches instantly, but worn often they will help reduce sizes permanently, follow by a good diet and exercise. They are comfortable to wear so they won’t stop you from living your life as normal. They do not performed miracles but with your determination you will see results and how your body transforms.

We provide you with complete advice so that you can use the appropriate girdle in the correct size.

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