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Tricks to recover the figure after childbirth

My favorite tip is number 5

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful moments for a woman, which is full of illusion and love, but also of many emotions and especially of physical changes.

Regardless of these changes, we are determined to face this great adventure full of ups and downs and great feelings.

Now then, let’s go to the topic that interests us, how to recover the figure after childbirth? The first thing I have to tell you is that you have to be very patient, because as I mentioned earlier, the physical changes are quite large, they are nine months of considerable changes in the mother’s future body. These vary from woman to woman, some gain a lot of weight, others only until the end discover their tummy, we have stretch marks that take over the abdomen and those that the skin hangs reminding us of the privilege of being a mother.

In any of the cases, we all have the possibility of recovering our figure, perhaps not exactly, but if we are very close to our ideal weight and to return to wearing those clothes that we like so much.

On average, a woman in her gestation process gains between 10 and 15 kilos, of which, about five or six kilos are lost after the birth process and two or three more, when the uterus recovers its size. After adding and subtracting, we have between five and six kilos to lose, these are the ones that can generate anguish, depression and even despair.

Take it easy, I will give you some simple tricks, so you can get rid of them easily.

  • 1- If you are still in the gestation stage, I recommend that you take care of your diet from that moment, since it is not the same to lose five kilos than 10. Although cravings are more frequent in pregnancy, try to eat healthy and according to the diet that the doctor recommends.
  • 2- During the first six weeks after childbirth, try not to think about the extra kilos that you should lose, since it is necessary to give a prudent time of recovery and adaptation, both for the mother and the newborn, to initiate an adequate lactation process and stay calm with the new rhythm of life that comes with him baby.
  • 3- From the sixth week, it is wise to start taking less caloric foods, continue with a diet rich in protein, fruits and vegetables
  • 4- Also after the sixth week and depending on your health conditions, it is recommended to start a smooth exercise routine, this will help us lose weight and combat flaccidity, keep in mind that the abdominals are not yet recommended.
  • 5- And here is my favorite tip. Wearing a postpartum girdle is an excellent decision, as these girdles are specially designed to provide the necessary compression to new mothers, help the uterus to contract correctly and strengthen the lumbar region. Remember that the appropriate time to start using your girdle depends on the type of delivery (natural or caesarean) and on the recommendations of your doctor. In addition, these girdles allow you to breastfeed your baby without any difficulty, while your body recovers day after day.

Enjoy every moment of gestation, birth and rhythm of life that babies bring, your figure will be beautiful again if you set your mind to it and help yourself with the postpartum girdle and the simple tips that I mention in this article

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