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Tips to dress well

Dressing well is not a matter of having a closet full of clothes, nor is it about buying the seasonal collection, much less following fashion prototypes. Dressing well may be simpler than you think, take note of the following tricks to polish your “Outfits” and get the most out of the contents of your wardrobe.

The first thing you should do is remove all the clothes that you have there, Yes, everything, the idea is that you do a thorough review of the garments that you have stored for a long time, perhaps for years and remember why you bought it, what motivated you, when you have used it how you feel, there are probably clothes that They are a gift and it may not be to your total liking … but stop … we are not going to do without any garment yet.

Now if we are going to separate into two groups, in the first group, you are going to locate those garments that you love, that you identify with, that you use frequently or perhaps not, but that finally, you feel that they are part of you. In a second group, you are going to locate the garments that you do not like so much, that you do not wear because they are too small, because the color has faded or you feel that they do not go with your style.

The first group can say that it automatically occupies a place in your closet again, but it is time to give the second group a chance, prepare your mirror, relax and enjoy putting on each of the clothes that you no longer use, try to wear it with different types of shoes and accessories, I assure you that you will find new ways to use it. Second, we are going to reinvent ourselves, Try to try combinations, with group one and two, you will be surprised how that garment that you did not like so much, when combined with one that you love, can make you change your mind.

Surely many of the garments of the second group, will go to the privileged group one and please, do not put away the clothes that you definitely know you are not going to wear or that do not make you feel good, you can donate them, there are other people who do. to use.

Tips for dressing well

After doing this exhaustive classification, it’s time to give you some tricks that will complement your look.

  1. Style: we all have unique styles, do not try to imitate anyone, as this can generate frustration, remember that it is very important to identify the type of body you have, the color of your hair and skin among other aspects, to create your own style.
  2. Accessories: pay close attention to accessories, because they can be excellent allies or enemies, it all depends on how you use them and the amount you use, always remember that less is more when talking about accessories.
  3. Basic garments: they are great allies, they are garments that will never go out of style and that perfectly complement most of the garments.
  4. Use a girdle: the best way to stylize the body immediately is to wear a girdle, using it will give you that security you need to wear those “Group B” dresses, remember? Those clothes that you feel that I do not fit, it is likely that with a 4Bellú girdle, you will see that you still have that beautiful figure and that it should be worn.

Remember that reinventing yourself does not require going shopping every eight days, I guarantee that in your closet you have everything you need to always look spectacular!

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