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Tips for working from home

Quarantine, is a very common word today, one that has forced us to change our habits and daily life.

The Coronavirus or Covid-19 has impacted the world, causing a shock in everyone\’s daily routine, slowing down our pace of life and the daily activities that required a lot of energy and time, have practically disappeared.

We must accept all requests from our leaders, so that in a short time we can return to our work and activities.

Here are some tips to make this break more positive and make the most of it, enjoying time with our families and some ideas for working from home.

  • 1- Make a list of all those things that you want to do and that you have pending for a period of time, such as a book that you started reading and is already dusty, prepare that favorite recipe, start with a sport routine, starting a diet that being away from home all the time is always difficult to carry out
  • 2- Make a schedule per day in which you include at least one of those activities
  • 3- Make an exercise routine at home, on the internet you can find several tutorials about it.
  • 4- Use a girdle, this will help you keep your figure, the girdle will help you control your appetite, will help with any back pain and make you feel beautiful.
  • 5-Work from home: Not all work is carried out from a company, there are also ways to generate income without leaving home, here are some ideas that you can accommodate according to your talents and abilities.
  • – Virtual assistant: many companies need people who have communication skills, give advice or conduct surveys.
  • – Content editor: Writing content is something that requires time and research on the part of the editor, which is why many companies contract this service with a freelance. If your skill is writing, here you have an excellent option
  • – Online tutoring: Surely you are an expert in a specific topic. In the online world, there are always cybernets looking for knowledge. Make some interesting tutorial videos, so you can find potential clients interested in being your tutor.

– Translator: if your forte is a second language, it\’s time to put that knowledge to work. Not everyone has the opportunity to learn another language or simply does not have the time to do so, give a hand to those who need you and generate income from home.

Do not forget that this time is special to recuperate interpersonal relationships, especially at home with those you live, call that friend you remember so fondly and you can never call due to lack of time, say hello to those distant relatives you remember so much love and how about a call to that friend from social networks who always uploads images, but never cross words.

We all know that the solution is in our hands #stayhome #istayhome #washyourhands and enjoy this time of rest and unexpected recollection.

That when all thisends, you come out refreshed, with your reduced to-do checklist, with an alternative to generate income from home, with a routine of exercise, a healthy eating habit and with a figure that makes you feel very happy.

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