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Shape After Bbl

Achieving an amazing figure is the desire of most women, sometimes they use non-invasive techniques to improve the shape of their body, other times women dedicate a high number of hours in the gym or to practice some sport. Taking care of their diet is law when shaping the body is about. All these practices are important and generally give good results, as long as we have discipline and especially patience.

One of the parts of the body that women most want to shape are the buttocks, a rather demanding area when working through exercise. It is one of the most striking and sensual parts of the body. You could say that round but well contoured buttocks are the weakness of many men and the wellbeing of many women.

To increase the buttocks there are other methods faster than exercise or non-invasive techniques, but if your goal is immediate results, there are procedures such as lipoinjection and buttock augmentation by fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift BBL). It is a delicate procedure that requires enough care from the patient to obtain optimal results. It consists of two parts, the first of a liposuction and the second transfer the fat extracted to the buttocks, in order to increase and shape them.

Being an invasive procedure, it requires a few weeks of care and recovery to see the final result. Some of the most important recommendations for those who are encouraged to perform this procedure are:

1- Avoid the pressure on the buttocks:

at least during the first weeks after the your bbl surgery, you should avoid sitting for long periods. You can use an appropriate cushion, also sleeping on your stomach is another way to take care of your buttocks.

2- Lead a healthy lifestyle:

undoubtedly your now beautiful rounded buttocks should be part of a harmonious and healthy body, include in your daily diet, fruits, vegetables and lots of protein, adequate portions at each meal according to your weight and size, after the procedure and with the authorization of the doctor, physical activity begins with short walks and then you will increase in the measure of recovery.

3- body shaper after surgery:

using a suitable girdle is one of the most important steps to obtain the best results after a bbl. You must use it all the time, even to sleep. It is important that the girdle fits your body well and that you do not press your buttocks. You should feel comfortable with it, since you should use it for several weeks.

Regardless of the method you use to look more beautiful, the most important thing is that you feel good about yourself, that you lead a healthy lifestyle and that you make the body shaper, an indispensable garment for daily use. You will see that you will always look radiant and confident of yourself.


This surgery is based on the transfer of fat from other parts of the body that have excess of it, to the buttocks to improve the appearance and size of the buttocks. This procedure has been widely accepted in recent years, becoming a surgery preferred by women and even men who are implementing it.

This procedure is performed by injecting the areas where the fat extraction will be performed with tumescent anesthesia, which is a combination of several components that helps the fat cells to separate to eliminate them more effectively and thus transfer it to the buttocks.

Some of the benefits of Brazilian butt lift surgery are:

  • Improves the figure of the upper body generating a slimmer shape.
  • Eliminate fat lodged in parts of the back and abdomen and send it to the buttock areas.
  • It makes your clothing fit again and better shape your body.
  • Create firmer buttocks with more volume.

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