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Post-Surgery Breast Gel Sheet


2 mm thick crescent-shaped Polymer Gel Sheet, with support mesh, easy to cut to the size or shape required, contains a polymer gel impregnated with medical grade mineral oil that softens, moisturizes and lubricates the skin. It does not have adhesive, hold with a hypoallergenic tape or with a compression girdle. Non-sterile, do not use on open wounds, use postoperatively after suture line has been closed.

Ideal to use after abdominal surgeries; helps heal, prevents wound infections and reduces burning.
Do not use Polymer Gel sheets for more than 12 continuous hours.

** The sheet is contraindicated in patients with medical problems that prevent them from using it correctly. Its use is also contraindicated in patients with dermatological problems that may alter the integrity of the skin in the covered areas. **

Hand wash with warm water and mild soap.
Dry with a paper towel or at room temperature without exposing to the sun and do not use chemicals for cleaning


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