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Issues with my compression garment

There are many expectations when buying a girdle, undoubtedly, we want to see ourselves very stylized, with a more defined body, that any clothes we wear, fit us perfectly and wherever we go we are the star.

But what happens when this does not happen or we feel too uncomfortable when wearing our girdle? Let me tell you, there are some aspects to take into account when making such an important purchase. We are going to review some of them, so you do not have to have bad times.

Wrong size: sometimes we think that buying a smaller size will achieve better results in our body, but this is not the case, by using a smaller girdle, the only thing that you will achieve, in addition to feeling suffocation, is to feel very uncomfortable, as the faja will dig in, it would not smooth your body but give it a rolling figure, not only will you feel this, your clothes will also reveal your discomfort and everyone will notice it in turn.

You must seek advice and chose for the correct size

My girdle wrinkles:

The girdles could wrinkle on the sides of your waist if it is too small and one way to avoid it is to use the foams, boards and extenders, these achieve a tightening effect and will eliminate or reduce those annoying folds.

Also, keep these tips in mind:

Never use the iron on a girdle, you will surely damage the material that makes you always look beautiful.

Remember to wash your girdle by hand or if it is in a washing machine in a gentle cycle and with cold water

Use mild soap and do not twist it

Your faja will last longer if you follow all this tips

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