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How to work from home

A very high percentage of people in the world are working from home, this situation is new for many, since the current pandemic has forced us to confinement in our homes, for the most fortunate, work at home is an alternative that accommodates perfectly to the current situation, but in turn, it has become a new challenge, since when work, family and home duties, among others, are combined, it can generate stress and lower productivity.

The question then is: How to work from home? It is one of the biggest questions in this Coronavirus era. Here are some tips to help you solve that big question and provide a light to combine work and home.

Before starting you must keep in mind working at home is a privilege that not everyone can have, among many of the benefits this, that you avoid commuting, thus saving time and money, work can be more efficient, since there are no interruptions of colleagues or natural noise from a space shared by several people, you can also put your favorite music and enjoy what you do in the comfort of your space.

But for all this to work perfectly, it is essential to keep in mind the following indications:

  • Select the place in the house where you are going to work, organize it in such a way that you are comfortable, with good light, good ventilation and space to accommodate everything you need for your daily work. There you will spend many hours of the day and comfort will be paramount to your satisfaction.
  • Show your style and personality in this space, so that you feel inspired and your work flows naturally, include your favorite colors, objects such as plants or perhaps a picture or photo that motivates you. This space is for you and for your talent to have its best expression.
  • Make an agenda, this is essential for you to evaluate day-to-day productivity, leaving activities to chance, could cause a delay in your company’s general schedule. Do not forget that even if you are working from home, the commitment is with the company for which you work.
  • It is super important to have an appropriate chair to spend long hours, your health and well-being is essential for productivity to be higher. Make sure you have a chair with a high and curved back, which is easy to adjust, the armrests are essential, it must have wheels for your easy movement in the workspace, a footrest would be the cherry on the cake. All these characteristics in a seat, guarantee your food and especially the health of your body.
  • Last but not least, make time arrangements with your family, so that they respect your working hours in silence and without interruptions, so that, at the end, there is a time for rest, play, family dinner and other activities that integrate the people you live with.

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