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How to wear your gament

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How should I put on my faja?

While sitting, place both legs through the openings and gently work the garment up your body, making sure the groin and genital area is aligned. It’s important to ensure the buttocks seam line sits in the crease of the buttocks, be extra careful and mindful of your fingernails while putting on your compression garment to avoid damaging the fabric. Once the garment is around your hips, adjust the position of the inseam so it runs just above your hip line.

Next, make sure the buttocks part of the faja is postion all around your bum area, them put the straps on, ensuring that you adjust your bum and back area.

Next, adjust the crotch area and start fastening the hooks and eyes, start from the bottom of the garment and work your way to the top. When pulling to close the hooks and eyes, be sure to use your fingertips, not your nails. Once the hooks and eyes are completely closed, you’re ready to zip the garment. Some girdles may not have zippers dependent on the options chosen by the customer.

At the bottom of the page you will find and informative video that shows how to easily put your faja on.

How long will I have to wear my post-operative garment after surgery?

We always recommend talking to your surgeon for their recommendation based on your procedures and recovery. However, we are able to give a guided timeline for usage based on the information provided by surgeons we work with around the world. The Stage 1 Faja is used immediately after surgery typically for a period of 1-10 days. The Stage 2 Faja is used immediately after this for a period of at least 3-6 months. After 6 months, you can use our Stage 3 shaper to continue reducing your waist or for maintenance of your new body shape.

Many surgeons worldwide prescribe compression garments for a period of at least 3-6 months as a minimum. After a month or so, you may feel completely recovered, but remember, the hard work of healing is going on beneath the surface of the skin, where you can’t see it. It is important to ensure that you continue using your Faja to contour the body during the full recovery period.

During your recovery period, your garment will become loose and will need to be altered or if you prefer you can purchase a new one. For those arranging to have the garment altered we recommend asking the seamstress to use the rear seams not the sides for alterations.

My garment feels uncomfortable, what should I do?

Immediately take the garment off.  If you ordered your garment from 4Bellu directly, please verify the measurements that you used when placing your order and contact us by email at If you received the garment from your doctor, please call them to verify you have a correctly sized garment.

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