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How to use a body shaper

What guarantee does 4BellĂș give?

We are a UK based company who provides waist trainers and body shapers made in Colombia at the highest quality.

We supply high quality latex trainers, non-latex body shapers which meet everyone’s needs with varied degree of intensity.

Our aim

We aim to expand even further to meet all our customer needs and be one of the first to sell what is upcoming on the market, whilst keeping our price match guarantee and quality assuring all products.

Personalized advice

We aim to give all our customers the best customer service, ensuring everyone get personalized advice when acquiring their shapers to guarantee their satisfaction.

This article is designed for those who want to use a body shaper for the first time, because we know that there are many taboos about this magnificent garment, there are many questions that invade you and of which you find hundreds of answers.

Don’t worry, we are experts in girdles and we are convinced of the great benefits they bring to your life.

We will address the most frequently asked questions on the subject:

Should I wear underwear with my girdle?

This is one of the most frequent questions from our users and the answer is YES, since for hygiene it is better to always wear underwear, we also recommend that it be a discreet garment, that does not roll to avoid carving your body as a result of compression of the girdle.

Can I apply creams when wearing my girdle?

The answer in this case is NO, since it basically depends on your skin type, if it is very sensitive, it is likely to become irritated and cause discomfort, there are also creams that could damage the elastic of the garment. If you want to use creams, we recommend doing it at night, where you should not use girdles to let the skin rest.

How many hours should I wear the girdle per day?

If you are going to start with the use of this fantastic garment, we recommend doing it little by little, start with about two or three hours per day, then you increase the number of hours, until you achieve a maximum of 8 hours. Ideally, every day you feel more comfortable and at ease with this garment.

What happens if I wear a size smaller than the one recommended for me?

What is going to happen is that the discomfort will be so great that you will not be able to bear it, the girdles are tight garments that compress your body in a moderate way, if this compression is higher than adequate, it will not be pleasant for you. It is preferable that when you identify that the compression exerted by your girdle is not the same, go down in size, not before, because comfort is one of the main objectives of our girdles, hence the importance of excellent advice.

How should I wash my girdle?

The girdles must be washed periodically, this time is defined by factors such as time of use, periodicity and sweating of the body, you must do it with a mild soap and you must not twist it to remove excess water, you can only hang it so that it is dry with hours. Always dry it in the shade so as not to affect the quality of your materials.

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