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How to improve waist to hip ratio

All women’s bodies are different, adhering to the beauty standards stipulated by society, can generate some kind of emotional pressure in some of them, we cannot forget that each woman is unique and beautiful in her essence.

However, it is good to know what shape our body has, this since it can be shaped according to the style of clothing we want to use or the way we want to see ourselves.

Body types

Triangle body type:

It is the one that is smaller in the upper part than the lower one, thus achieving a triangular effect on your figure. Usually the waist is very well defined, and the hips are wider than the shoulders. There is also the inverted triangle, that is, the hips are smaller than the proportion of the shoulders.

Apple-like body:

In this type of body, the accumulation of fat or body mass is reflected in the abdomen, therefore, the waist is not very well defined.

Rectangle body type:

Visually it is a flat body, without apparent volume in any part of the body, almost always this body is very characteristic of people who regularly practice athletic activities.

Hourglass/guitar body:

This figure, so desired by most women, is considered in the world of entertainment and fashion, as the perfect body, however, it is not a general rule. This type of body is characterized by having mainly a small waist and shoulders and hips in a much higher proportion.

Now, if one of the objectives is to improve the waist-to-hip ratio, there are some practices that can be carried out, some invasive, others not so much.

  • Surgeries: There are different types of surgery, such as liposuction, which consists of extracting abdominal fat to shape the waist, there is also buttock augmentation and there is also fat transfer, whose main objective is to transfer the part of the fat from the body to the hips, achieving that volume that so many women desire.
  • Localized exercises: Doing sports is an excellent option to give the body a harmonic shape, but if the intention is to increase the volume in certain parts of the body, it is important that most of the exercises are focused on increasing the muscle mass of that particular area, such as the hips and waist, it should be noted that this is achieved with time and consistency in routines.
  • Use of girdle: Girdles are an excellent ally when it comes to shaping our body, they will instantly make your body look formed and highlighting those attributes that you like so much. At 4Bellú, we are specialists in advising you to define the best girdle according to the objectives of each person.

Without a doubt, women are beautiful in their essence, try to love your body as it is, but always look for alternatives that make you feel happier and more secure.

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