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How to dress correctly

It has happened to all of us that we want our appearance better and the way we see ourselves in the mirror, we feel that renewing ourselves is a necessity and we begin to think, what is it that I no longer like? What is my best way to dress? , What is the budget I need to renew my closet? Relax, there is no need to make such radical decisions, if you no longer feel good about the way you look, the first thing you should check are the following aspects:

Closet audit

We are accumulators by nature, it costs us a lot to get rid of things, articles or material goods in general and this is because they contain a sentimental meaning or because it was difficult for us to acquire them, whatever the reason, the important thing is that they are useful for you.
Let\’s go to the specific case of clothing, if you wear garments that have not been worn for a long time, you must evaluate what the reason is, one of them may be the size, perhaps we have gained a few extra kilos and that garment no longer fits our body If that is the case, you have two options, you exclude it from your closet or you set a goal and through diet and exercise or perhaps other more radical means such as surgery, put that favorite garment into use.


Although we can actually use any color in our clothes, the ideal is that you first analyze the tone of your skin, as this is decisive to highlight your beauty with the color of your clothing. If, for example, you are white, colors like black, gray, dark blue and red complement your skin tone. The intermediate tones are the most favored, since their range of colors is wider than the others, practically all colors are flattering. In the black tones, yellow, fuchsia, and green are its great allies. In case you have doubts, use neutral colors, they never fail.

Clothes suitable for your age
It is very easy to fall into this error, if we do not take the appropriate references, keep in mind that you are free to dress as you want, to express your personality through outfits, but we must always take age into account, since we could look very old-fashioned or too modern. Instead of trying to look older or younger, I invite you to always look to look fabulous.

Check what you need

After removing from your wardrobe the garments that you no longer use or do not like, make an inventory of the garments you need to renew, this will depend directly on the general lifestyle you lead and your specific needs.

Analyze your body

No person is perfect and you cannot forget that, since you are going to find more than one roll in your body that you do not like, marks on the skin such as scars and stretch marks, perhaps wide hips and so on 
 the important thing is to know how to hide what that we don’t like so much and highlight the many attributes that we all have. There are girdles on the market that, according to our need, become our best allies, you have to use them, because they complement any woman perfectly. At 4BellĂș we are interested in highlighting your beauty and we always seek to provide the best advice so that you always look beautiful.

Remember that there are no perfect women, there are women who know how to dress, always highlighting their attributes and believing in themselves

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