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How to concentrate better

            Lack of concentration is more common than we imagine and does not have to do exclusively with the smallest, this difficulty can occur at any age and has a negative impact on our daily life. For this reason, it is not something to be ignored, on the contrary, we must give it enough importance, since, if not treated in time, it can lead to more serious problems in the future.

            The fast pace of life, multiple occupations, as well as different technological items, such as cell phones, video games, television, among others, contribute to the deconcentration in society that is increasing considerably.

            What is concentration?

            It is important to define what concentration is, in order to determine how we are doing about it.

            Concentration: It is the ability to carry out an activity or work without being distracted, fully complying with the time allocated for it and with the expected results.

            On the contrary, deconcentration corresponds to the inability to efficiently complete the tasks set in the time defined for it.

            It is important to recognize when we are falling into this condition or some of our loved ones, for this there are some warning signs that can help us identify that the degree of concentration is decreasing and thus, we can take the necessary measures to fix it.

            The vast majority of times, solutions are within our reach and it has to do with our life habits, in other extreme cases, it may require the attention of specialists, including medications.

            We are going to list some of the symptoms that may indicate that our degree of concentration, or that of our acquaintances, is being affected.


            1. Memory problems
            2. Doing a task makes you uncomfortable or restless in a short time
            3. You feel that it is too much to do
            4. Any person, object or situation will make you lack focus
            5. The time of carrying out your activities is always higher than planned
            6. You stare at a fixed point with a blank mind
            7. It is difficult for you to resume the activity, after taking a break.
            8. You postpone an activity with excuses too much

            How to focus better

            1. Make sure you rest well, between 6 and 8 hours of sleep are the recommended hours, if you sleep less, you may suffer from exhaustion, but if you sleep more, you will suffer alterations in the mood that will affect your concentration.
            2. Eat well, you do not necessarily have to consume additional vitamins or supplements, it is enough to have a balanced diet and not skip any food, so you will have enough energy for your daily tasks.
            3. Excess worries is one of the great reasons to lose concentration, although there are situations that can disturb our tranquility, it is important to propose possible solutions with probable dates of execution, writing a list of them can help clarify your mind .
            4. The environment may or may not favor your concentration, look for appropriate spaces according to the activity to be carried out, avoiding all kinds of distractions.
            5. Exercising regularly is an excellent concentration therapy, freeing your mind and activating your senses.
            6. Make a list of your activities and assign them date and time of execution, that will make your mind stop thinking about everything you have to do and focus on what is planned in your time and time.
            7. If these practices do not favor improving your concentration, it is advisable to visit a specialist.

            Remember that a concentrated person, is much more efficient in her tasks, applies to both children and adults, tries to get rid of distractions and have a work plan, this will benefit your level of concentration.

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