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Surely you have wanted to follow fashion prototypes and the end result is a fiasco and the first question that comes to us is
 But why don’t I feel good if I saw that person so pretty? The answer is very simple, not all of us fit the same thing, since our personal contexts are very different and there is something very important and it is the personality of each person, each of us have different ways of thinking and seeing life, For this reason, our way of dressing also differs from others and identifies us with the lifestyle we lead.

If, for example, your profession is to be an engineer or architect, surely your style of dress will be very comfortable and practical and although it is a requirement of the profession as such, as the days go by, we adopt the same comfort and practicality for those days that we are not working. Of course, there are exceptions, where some people take advantage of their days off to show off a different look. Now, if your day to day is spent in an office, high heels, elegant accessories and beautiful dresses will be your ideal way of dressing.

As you can see, each fashion is framed by our daily activities, wanting to get out of this scheme is not bad, on the contrary, giving a new air to your appearance is great, I only suggest you take into account the following recommendations and especially, make sure to feel good, because this is the best accessory of your outfit

Recommendations to be fashionable without falling into excesses.

The fashion catwalks are shows where the trends and eccentric ideas of the designers are exaggerated, making these shows quite a show, but they are definitely not schemes to be followed to the letter, but they are very useful if you want to stay always in fashion.

There are classic, fashion, urban, minimalist, sport styles of dress … regardless of the fashion line you want to follow, there are certain rules that you must keep in mind so that you attract attention for your good taste.

  • Combine black with dark tones: black is the color par excellence and is essential in our wardrobe due to its versatility, but combining it with dark tones such as brown will make us look very opaque in our appearance and will hide our beauty in a significant way .
  • Combine white with pastel shades: like black, white is also an important part of our clothing and although this combination is not bad, I assure you that using them with brighter colors will achieve a stronger positive impact visually. Despite this, there are settings like the beach, where white + pastel is perfect.
  • Wear more than three prints: avoid saturating your outfit with excess prints, because in addition to being really ornate, you could give the impression that you used the first thing you saw. The recommendation is to wear a maximum of two and combine with neutral garments.
  • Everything you wear in tune: You no longer have to worry about the shoes combining with your wallet and with the belt, earrings and others, that trend is already out of fashion, feel free to make your own combinations, just keep in mind that the shades of each accessory go well with your clothes.

Other recommendations

  • If your garments have prints, avoid oversized accessories.
  • That the basic garments such as a white shirt and a black shirt are never missing.
  • Combine up to three colors in the same outfit
  • Take the risk of making combinations with the clothes in your closet, perhaps your creativity will surprise you and give a new air to your style
  • Lastly, and I consider more important than all of the above, is that you feel good and be sure of yourself, there is no better accessory than high self-esteem and a big smile.

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