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How to choose my girdle

The girdle is a magical garment, in a matter of seconds it manages to highlight the curves of your body, favor your appearance with any garment you wear and hide those uncomfortable rolls that bother us so much and that we can hardly hide. So why does it turn out to be torture for some people?

The answer is very simple, I must know How to choose my girdle.

If you wear a shaper with an inappropriate size or use other than your personal goal, it can be a challenge to keep it on for just a few minutes.

The shapers are allies in our closet, they mold and stylize the body instantly and naturally, but not knowing how to use it properly or too tight, can cause many discomforts and discomforts that are not typical of these great garments.

You should know that the girdles are an undergarment that provides benefits at an aesthetic level and in your health, generally it is worn for several hours a day and is in permanent contact with your skin, which is why choosing a girdle is a decision very important, it requires certain features that you definitely should not overlook.

We are going to mention some data to take into account and that will make you love this garment and feel that it is your second skin.

Most common types of girdles

Panty girdles: These girdles are ideal to flatten the belly and shape the buttocks, they are also very easy to put on and take off, ideal for daily use.

Shaping girdles: If you want to see the curves of your whole body, mark your waist, lift your tail, this is the ideal girdle for you, it is also an excellent posture corrector. Highly recommended for post surgical treatments.

Body type girdles: They are special for compression of the torso, waist and abdomen, they are very comfortable, since they fit properly to the body, they are also very practical and easy to put on and take off.

Postpartum girdles: The body undergoes multiple changes during pregnancy, to help return the organs to their place after giving birth, it is highly recommended to use the postpartum girdles, these will help the skin to adhere to your muscle and lose the extra weight that remains after this beautiful stage of life.

Here are some tips for choosing your girdle correctly:

  1. Define what is your need, for example, to exercise, reduce waist, lift the buttocks, decrease the volume of thighs, cosmetic treatments or after delivery. There is a sash for each objective.
  2. Adequately determine the size of your girdle: This maybe, is one of the most common mistakes when buying a girdle, it does not mean that the tighter the better. First of all, you must take the measurements of your waist and your hip, generally all brands have a guide table, there you can find the ideal size for you. Next, I leave a reference table that can help you to know your correct size.
  3. To choose your daily wear girdle, you must take into account the type of clothing you wear most frequently, the idea is that the girdle is invisible to others, so if you regularly wear shorts or dresses, body-type girdles They are special for you, but if you wear more pants, maybe these shaping girdles that bring great benefits to your body, is your best choice. We cannot leave aside the color, the sashes come in neutral colors, in order to discreetly combine with your outerwear, choose the one that best suits your style.

Finally, you should look for the girdle that fits your needs, comfort and above all the ideal compression, so that this garment is your ally when it comes to dressing, always looking fresh and slender.

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