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How many hours should i wear postpartum belt

There are many questions that are generated regarding the use of postpartum girdles, which is the most recommended? From what moment to use it? For how long?… These questions and other questions must be resolved for the mother’s peace of mind, it is an important issue that requires special attention.

Purpose of postpartum girdles

Pregnancy is a beautiful process, but at the same time the woman’s body undergoes important changes and recovering her shape takes time and requires a lot of care, including the use of the Post girdle. I give birth, that is, the objective of this garment, is fundamental, to help the mother\’s body to regain its original shape.

Use of the postpartum girdle

When should I wear the postpartum girdle? This response is relative, since everything depends on the type of delivery the mother had, in the case of vaginal delivery, where the uterus contracts more easily, the use of the girdle can be from the second or third week later However, it is the mother and the accompaniment of her doctor who determine whether it is prudent or not to use it, since there may be pain, bruising or inflammation that requires a little more recovery time.

In the case of cesarean delivery, they require more time, since the wound must have a correct healing and the abdominal wall. The uterus in these cases should return to its initial position, naturally. In any of the cases, it is essential to consult the doctor about this decision, since each case and each body is different.

Wear time of postpartum girdle

After passing the pregnancy process, the use of the postpartum girdle can be of great help, since it helps to place the organs in their place, helps relieve back pain caused by the weight of the last months of pregnancy, since these girdles keep the back upright.

The time of use should be progressive, so that the mother gets used to it and does not generate any kind of discomfort or stress, factors that can affect breastfeeding and emotional stability of the mother.

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