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Home workout

I dont know if the same thing happens to you, but every time I find more personal trainers, models and actresses doing wonderful exercise routines on social networks, I feel very motivated and I think I can manage to establish a routine with their accompaniment, it really looks easy … but when trying, the desire starts disappearing and also by not doing the routine, I feel terrible.

Perhaps this is the story of many of you, we want to train, but we lack willpower. The question is, how do I get a home workout routine?

The answer is simpler than you imagine, it is enough to set yourself clear, achievable goals and above all they must be personal, you should not set goals based on the physique or build of other people, remember that we are all different, the build is individual and evolution is personal. Setting goals with the coaches as a reference, could lead to frustration, since they are people who have been exercising for a long time and that even for many of them, becomes their job.

First of all, exercise provides well-being, health and increases the mood of your day considerably. Exercise as a gift for you, do not see it as an obligation, this way you will feel very motivated. Another way to achieve the proposed goals is to design a different routine for the day, in order to work different parts of the body, for example, on Mondays you work legs and glutes, on Tuesdays arms and back, Wednesday full abdomen, Thursday chest and back, Friday calf, adductors, hamstrings and what if you do full body on Saturday, on Sunday you can rest or do some outdoor activity. It is recommended to rest the body once a week. You can design your routine as you like, but it is important to do it so that you do not leave your daily purposes in the air. If your routines are varied, you will get better results and there will be motivation day after day to do new exercises. Search the internet for different coaches, each of them has a different style, which contributes to the variety of your routines.

The home workout is not easy since it requires discipline, but do not forget that it is a gift for you and although it requires sacrifices in terms of food, time, perhaps getting up earlier or going to bed a little later, the reward is anything goes.

Do it for your well-being, do it for your satisfaction, do it for yourself !!

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