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Healthy food for the body

There are many ways to take care of our bodies, including exercising regularly, doing activities that promote inner peace and eating healthy, but do we really know how to do it? Are we aware of what we put in our mouths? Do we read on the packaging the components contained in what we buy?

Here we detail some tips that can help you make a better selection of what you bring to the shopping cart.

  • 1- Try to go to the supermarket full: The first tip may seem simple and straightforward, but it is relevant when buying. Being hungry when shopping can compulsively lead you to include foods that do not meet the characteristics of healthy eating, since your body is eager to consume more caloric foods.
  • 2- The shopping journey begins in the fruit and vegetable section: these are essential in a healthy diet and require special attention when selecting them, so it is preferable to start in this section, when you have all the energy and willingness to buy.
  • 3- Choose foods made with whole grains: Whole grains are the seeds of different grains such as oats, rice, corn and wheat; consuming them reduces the risk of digestive problems, heart disease, cholesterol and hypertension, among others. Unlike refined grains, whole grains provide more nutrients.
  • 4- Read the labels: It is very important to read the nutritional label that is on the food packaging, beyond the large print that the brands to sell, such as light or low in sugar, intend to include, you must focus your attention on the quantity sodium content, type of fat, amount of sugars and nutrients. Select the healthiest.
  • 5- Avoid unhealthy snacks they are generally high in sugar and do not provide nutrients to the body. Instead, select nuts or fresh fruits, avoid that unpleasant conscience charge by consuming foods with empty calories.
  • 6- Avoid prepared food or take away: The preservatives included in these preparations and high sodium content are frequent characteristics in this type of food, therefore, avoiding them is your best choice. Preparing your own food guarantees that the amounts of fat, sugar and calories that you are going to eat are ideal according to your goals.
  • 7- Finally, do not be fooled by advertising, this goes hand in hand with reading food labels, since many of these “light” products that contain a large amount of sugar or fat.

If you eat at least 6 times a day, respect your eating times, drink plenty of water and make sure that each food you eat is contributing to your health, you are on the right track, becoming aware of these healthy habits, is the first step to achieve your nutritional goals.

It will always be good to consult a professional on the subject, since we all have different lifestyles, weight and height, they are also elements to take into account, so good advice and personal commitment is the key to eating well and healthy way.

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