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Garment care

Get to know our size guide where you can understand and take into account the most important aspects to choose your clothes.

  • DO NOT put your garment in the washing machine, ALWAYS hand wash your garment in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.
  • Use non-chlorine bleach to remove tough stains.
  • DO NOT place your garment in the dryer, do not twist and lay the garment flat to air dry.
  • When putting on your garment, do not pull from the lace material as this material can rip, always pull from the tougher part.
  • Make sure all hooks and zip are undone before putting or taking off your garment or waist trainer on.
  • Make sure you are wearing the correct size, as if the size you have order is too small this can cause the garment to rip. Please follow all our guidelines on how to put on your garment.
  • DO NOT iron your garment
  • Be careful with sharp nails
How long will my garment last?

Following the instruction above, your garment should provide the correct fit and pressure for the normally prescribed usage period. Our garments have been shown to last longer than any other competitive compression garment on the market under normal usage and care. Remember that as your swelling goes down, you may need a smaller garment due to your size reduction, not the garment losing its compressive power.

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