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Full body workout at home

The lack of time, the high costs of gyms or perhaps the discouragement that going to a training center can produce, since this means having the right clothing and being exposed to the gazes of the already established users, showing their toned bodies and almost unimaginable routines, may be some of the reasons why you want to do a complete workout at home.

Here we are going to give you some ideas to make your home a whole gym.

  • 1- Always start with a good warm-up, for this you do not need any device or element, perform small cycles of jogging, jumping, squatting and stretching the body. Each of the exercises can be done in three sections, with 15 repetitions each.
  • 2- perform 20 minutes of cardio exercise, this is essential, since it is the one that accelerates the metabolism and improves our muscle mass index, it is also the one that allows us to reach and sustain the ideal weight.
    If your main goal is to lose weight, increase the time to 40 minutes or an hour per section.
    Among the cardio exercises that you can perform, this jump loop is a great incredible calorie burner, it tones the body, improves concentration, not to mention that it is a lot of fun. You can start by making 500 jumps a day, then you will increase this number.
  • 3- Working the gluteus is very easy, look for a furniture in the house, find a towel so as not to spoil it, stand with your back to the furniture, raise one of your legs so that it is semi-flexed and begin to raise the hips as high as possible, then go down.
    Try to contract the glutes during the exercise for a greater demand, your back should always be straight. Repeat this exercise 15 times for three sections.
  • 4- The abs section has endless options, you just have to have a mat or flat and comfortable surface on hand to protect your sword. Lie on your back, raise your legs and try to touch the balls of your feet several times. Another way to do sit-ups is to raise your legs and get up just a little for several times, finally, do not stop doing the plank, lie on your stomach, put your elbows on the surface, leaning on the tips of your feet, hold at least one minute your whole body elevated.

If you want to strengthen your arms, forget about buying dumbbells, use plastic bottles or containers and fill them with water or better yet, sand, perform lifts in different directions and tone arms, he said.

We recommend that you design a routine for each day, emphasizing different parts of the body, this will make it a dynamic and fun activity.

The exercise girdles are an excellent complement, go to and find a great variety.

Set aside an hour of your day, a moment that you are going to give yourself and enjoy, at least 5 times a week, your body will appreciate it.

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