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Exercises for the waist

A wasp waist, that’s what we are looking for when we look at ourselves, but we have to recognize that it is not an easy task, as it requires some efforts that are sometimes a little difficult to achieve.

The good news is that if you want to achieve that curvy look, just make the decision. In the following article we will provide you with some exercises that will make you always look beautiful.

Before you read the following information, I must emphasize, first of all, that it is important to take care of your eating plan, since it is a fundamental part of the process, in this way, you will radiate that harmony throughout your body.

Focused exercises

Twists at waist:

Surely you have already heard about this exercise and although it is one of the most conventional, it is also one of the most effective, since this simple movement activates the lateral muscles, shaping a slim figure. Perform 30 reps on each side.


If you have done the famous planks, you will know that they are not simple, they are painful and require a lot of concentration. I tell you this because you should not feel frustration at the time of doing them, it is a challenge that you must overcome day after day, try a little each time and in a short time, you will be able to reach the long-awaited minute of ironing. The results of your perseverance are really fantastic.


Unquestionably, having a flat abdomen is part of a harmonious body and a defined waist, therefore, an abdominal routine will favor your goals. There are many exercises that strengthen this area, I recommend you vary them to make your routines more fun and work different abdominal muscles.


Clothes can be a great ally when it comes to wanting to look much better, to get the best out of it, you can use girdles that stylize and define the curves of your body. Find at 4Bellú a wide variety of girdles, each one for specific purposes and above all personalized advice.

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