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We are always innovating for our clients, we focus on their needs and include new solutions that satisfy them. We want you to always look beautiful and comfortable with our girdles, but we know that each woman is special and different, that is why we present to you the new tailored girdle.

An ingenious girdle that is perfect for your body and that guarantees greater and better results, designed in Colombia with clinical standards, under medical requirements.

What is a tailored girdle like?

A tailored girdle is a garment that is designed according to the sizes of your body, such as torso, hips, waist and other information that only you can not provide, in order that this garment adapts correctly to your body and meet proper compression goals.

How can I get it?

Acquiring your tailored girdle is very easy, contact us through one of our means of communication, such as our website, social networks or directly call us, we will indicate which are the measures that you must provide us and we will ask you some questions that are decisive for that the design of the girdle is perfect for you.

How do I measure my body?

We provide complete advice to take the appropriate and precise measurements of your body, since we are a team of professionals working on the well-being of our users. Don’t worry that together we will make the right girdle for you.

How long will it take to have my girdle tailored?

You must bear in mind that since they are tailored girdles, they must be sent to production and therefore you must wait for the process, however, we work at full speed so that you have it as soon as possible. You should also know that these do not have a refund, because it is an exclusive girdle for you. That is why we give you all the necessary guidelines for your total satisfaction.

Contact us to provide you with all the information and advice, so that you acquire an exclusive product with great benefits for you.

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